Here’s the deal

I like to think I usually make pretty good life choices. I was never black out drunk at a college frat party and made out with a rando (looking at you Bev). I have never been arrested, but I have gotten two speeding tickets. Damn you, lead foot Walker County! I went to school, got a job, bought a car, and now I am paying my bills on time. I have an excellent credit score and now I want more.

We currently live in an 800 sq. foot apartment. The building is older, but it was recently updated and the finishes are nice. Renting is nice for the short-term, but I want a house. I want a place that I can change if I am so inclined.  But . . . I do not want a huge home. Being a native Texan, this is a bit of a weird concept. “Everything’s bigger in Texas” usually includes the homes. My boyfriend, Nincol, and I have decided to go in the opposite direction. We want a smaller home – possibly a tiny home – , larger outdoor living area, less mortgage, and ideally somewhere in walking/biking distance of shops. If you have ever been to this fantastic state, you know, this is damn near impossible unless you live in the city. We have two dogs, Duke and Duchess. We dream of one day just letting them out in the backyard to play and sniff, instead of leashing them up every time they want to go outside.

Our solution is to build a small or tiny home. At this point, to be completely honest, we can’t decide which. But here is the plan:

  1. Save up money … not sure how much at this point. (We will hash this part out later.)
  2. Purchase property … not sure where at this point. (We will hash this part out later.)
  3. Build a home … not sure what kind at this point. (We will hash this part out later.)
  4. Live in the home happily ever after … with minimal debt. (We will hash this part out later.)

This should be fun … right?


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