Home vs Reality (TV)

Nincol and I constantly weigh our options. We can’t decide if it would be absolutely amazing or a living nightmare to live in half of our current space. In order to make an informed decision, we have done what any responsible adult would do. We ask the TV for answers (Adulting 101: When in doubt, find someone who seems to know what they are talking about. I don’t really know what the next Adulting class is, so I am stuck in this stage indefinitely). Not sure if you have heard of a little channel call HGTV. It is literally packed with shows about buying, fixing up/restoring, selling, and transforming a house into a very different home. Nincol and I have watched A LOT of HGTV; “Tiny House Hunters”, “Tiny House, Big Living”, and pretty much every single episode of “Property Brother” and “Fixer Upper” because, you know, those houses look bomb at the end.

There is a slightly difference between reality and TV. Ex: Nincol and I will not have a good-looking host(ess) or contractor that has publicly proven for the past decade that they will not leave us high and dry. Family members have told me horror stories about contractors botching job, taking money and not showing up, saying it will take one week and it ends up taking a month, etc. This terrifies me.

I try to be the calm cool person. I am always sweet to the girl who answers the phone at the Chinese place (so much so that she knows me by name and order). I usually try to complement someone when I see them doing a good job because I know more often than not, people only complain about one another and fail to recognize when someone does something right. I say “Thank you, citizen” and give a wave when a car lets me in the lane in front of them. I always try to see the situation from someone else’s point of view. Maybe the person who just cut across four lanes of traffic and right in front of me really needs to go to the restroom. Maybe the guy at Starbucks is heartbroken and his mind is on that and that was the reason he messed up my order.

I try to be an understanding person, but this is not a coffee. This place will be my home, not just the 30th house someone built this year. This will mean something to me. Will I be calm if someone botches the tile work? Will I still be understanding if the cabinets are not hung straight? Will I consider the day someone has had if they keep me waiting for hours? Will I revert to full on bitch mode and ask for someone’s supervisor to complain?

Mentally, I think Nincol and I both understand that building a house, no matter how small, will be time-consuming. Even though it will, most likely, not be my physical hands doing the carpentry (thank god for that, I shouldn’t be trusted with a nail gun) we will still need to pick the design, theme, finishes, etc. From watching waaaaay to many TV shows, we also know that building a house will be a massive monetary hit. We know we will likely run into some issue and something will cost more than we budgeted. We are prepared to run into some problems. In theory, I am fully aware of all of this. It is the reality I am really worried about.


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