Home vs Debt

A 30 year mortgage sounds like someone saying, “Hey Kate, do you want to be my indentured servant for the next few decades?” To quote Randy from “American Idol”, “Yeah… that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.” I want to be able to travel and live my life and not worry about being kicked out of my home if we fall on hard times financially. Growing up through the recession has impacted my view point. People were not working for months or years. When you could get a job, it wasn’t usually something you wanted to do and was not well paying but you had to take it because you needed the money. I went to school, got a degree, and then it took a while to find a job. Even though this was towards the end of the recession, I was still feeling the impact of years of economic instability.

I ended up working at a third party health and benefits call center where my older brother found a job. Honestly, it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. It was where I met Nincol. It was where I learned what “benefits” were. It was where I discovered the importance of saving and investing money while working. It was where I became acutely aware of how many people were not saving enough or anything at all. It was where I was screamed at and threatened because someone needed money, but didn’t meet IRS guidelines to take funds out of their account. It was where reality hit me in the face. I didn’t want to end up like the 72 year old who was working because otherwise, he couldn’t afford to buy groceries. I did not want to live in debt.

I want to live, explore, and see the world. I know that a tiny or small home is not for everyone, but it is for us. We just have to figure out a few details like where we are going to put it, how much we plan to spend, how it will affect our lives in terms of downsizing, when we want to move in, how small of a home can we happily live in. You know, tiny details like that. (Help me.)


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