Home vs Traffic

We haven’t even decided how big of a home we want, which I would think would influence our property choice. So we have a lot of decisions ahead.  What we do know is that we would like to be in the city of Houston. By “we” I really mean I really want to be in the city. Nincol originally wanted to be out in the country. After I convinced him that it would be not as good because of Houston traffic every day, he came to see the light. If you don’t know, Houston traffic is a nightmare. You are just sitting there, wasting your life on the freeway. It is like the “Doctor Who” episode Gridlock. People are born, live, and die on the freeway. Welcome to Houston traffic.

On the weekends, I can make it from my apartment to my job or vice versa in about 10-15 minutes. On the weekdays, it will take me 20-30 minutes to get to work and 30-50 minutes to get home. We actually moved closer to my job. I just to live 12 miles away from work, and it would take an average of an hour and a half. If I was a more confident cyclist (and not 100% positive that I would be hit by a truck), I would have biked to work.

As of March 24, 2016, TomTom listed Houston 11th most traffic-clogged city in the nation. I don’t want to spend my life in traffic to pay for a house over the next 30 years.


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